About Us

Our Purpose

At Promensil, we are dedicated to supporting women around the world by offering a natural and effective solution for managing menopause.

Our mission is to provide premium products using clinically tested ingredients to offer effective menopause symptom relief for both perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. Our goal is to break down the stigma of menopause, provide knowledge and guidance during this phase of every woman's life and to empower woman to share their experience and seek relief from their symptoms. 

Supporting Women Worldwide

Available in many countries, Promensil has been helping and supporting women through their menopause journey for over a decade. Promensil’s menopause products provide women with a plant based, non-hormonal option for manage their menopausal symptoms.

Decades of Experience

Since 1997, Promensil has been dedicated to improving women’s wellness through menopause supplements.

Natural Ingredients

Promensil uses plant-based active ingredients. Both our red clover and Siberian Rhubarb extracts are naturally occurring and not chemically synthesised.

Standardised Extracts

Both our red clover and Siberian Rhubarb extracts are standardised through patented extraction processes.

Proudly Supporting Our Communities

Promensil is a proud sponsor of the Thriving in Menopause podcast and community events such as World Menopause Day in Australia.